44/50 favorite films: the lord of the rings - the two towers




He doesn’t seem to give a crap tho.


  1. It’s a Star Wars reference and they’re both super big nerds
  2. Charlie is a lesbian and she means she loves him like a brother
  3. Dean has said that she’s like the little sister he never wanted

to a geek, Dean’s reply is 1000x better than a simple “I love you too”. Especially in a situation like this where she was a bit hesitant to say it. Dean broke the tension while also showing how much he appreciates her and the geekdom she brings into his life



Crossroad Blues.


TECH STUFF: Photoshop CS3 + Tablet. If you manage to enlarge the second picture, you should be able to use it as a wallpaper. See also on Deviantart.

One of the best SPN pics ever

immortal, wisest and fairest of all beings


He wasn’t feeling very well. For the last thirty miles he had been imagining that a ton of burning metal, rubber, and leather was a fully functioning automobile, and the Bentley had been resisting him fiercely.

Crowley becoming increasingly unhinged as the book goes on is my favorite part of Good Omens. This is hardly an original concept (pretty sure every GO fanartist draws the flaming Bentley at least once), but it’s such a powerful mental image, I couldn’t resist.

And so I grew from colt to stallion, as wild and reckless as thunder over the land. Racing with the eagle, soaring with the wind. Flying? There were times I believed I could.

I know I’m not a conventional beauty. You can read a lot of painful things on the Internet, which criticise you aesthetically - but as far as I’m concerned, that’s not what an actress is.

Using the correct pronouns is just as important when the person isnt there to hear it.